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Far From Home

Game 18

A unique tale but an extremely slow one. I liked the simple graphics, setting, and lighting. The music sounds like it’s from legend of zelda ocarina of time but I cannot confirm, I just know I’ve heard it before. I’d advise to hold onto e or q when driving at all times


The music is actually Erik Satie's First Gymnopedie. I love it. 


Day 18 Finished. Hmm... Of every game that I played since day 1, Far From Home is, until now, the game that I didn't like much. IDK, it lacks some substance in my humble opinion. 

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when I try to download it says failed forbidden so what should I do??

pleas help me I want this game very much


I went back and replayed Six & Six. Somebody call Twin Galaxies!

I didn't know that you could actually catch the fish in this game until I saw someone else's video. After replaying a few times, I took it upon myself to try and catch/eat as many fish as possible. This may in fact be a world record unless someone wants to dispute it. The game ran out of fish I think or it was too hard for me to see them when the vision got frosty but eating does make the game last longer than just walking/standing around and waiting. Devs, can you please confirm this record? Lol.


Day 17 Finished (Or I think that...). Well, it's something very intriguing, as we use the online mode to give and see the presents of people from every corner of the world. That's a cool idea. Kudos to whom have made this.


The People’s Tree

Game 17

This game requires you to be connected to the internet in order to play properly.

The look of the game is really nice and so is the music. I kind of waited for little people to come out of their homes and decorate the tree but that never happened. I like the way the cursor moves. It’s like the madvent calendar cursor but more cartoony looking. All the sounds are great too!

I thought this game was a lovely idea and a neat game. Everyone said very nice things. Just didn’t like that one person who tried to shill their merch.

My favourite message was from Vega in SNOLAND. I thought it was funny. They were a golden purple star.

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"Just didn’t like that one person who tried to shill their merch." <-- if this was referring to me promoting my YouTube channel, sorry lol. I've made 24 videos for this collection, and working on the 25th for Christmas day. Just letting people know to check my channel out. I don't have any merch though.

edit: I did see someone else advertise their twitch channel/merch, I don't see any problem with it honestly


There's been a handful of abusive and gibberish submissions that have been purged. I'm happy to moderate and keep the tree positive, but reserve the right to change my content policies in the future. Tbh self-promo skirts a fine line, but I'm allowing it for now. Might be interesting to look back on in the future. Thanks for playing and doing a writeup! It's lovely to come back to this page everyday and see the activity. <3


This game caught me off guard. It's super scary. The sound in this game is phenomenal and I hate it!!! I have yet to play all maps but dude. This is great!


Day 17 is actually really cute ! Very reminiscent of David OReilly's MOUNTAIN.


yoooo what the heck was day 10?! loved all these days 10-12... for a few years cards against humanity was doing silly gifts, 12 gifts for 12 dollars or something like that... this wonderful collection fills that void in my soul, thank y'all so much!!



Haven't seen any videos on YouTube unlocking the closet door in Down in the Dungeon yet. Not going to show were the key location is until December 25th....but here is the easter egg opening the door in an unlisted video I just recorded. It took me almost an hour to find the key after @Jaybee commented there was one lmao. Enjoy and see if you can find the key (I looked everywhere!!!)


respect the dedication :D

Hour is probably exaggerated but I legit was using the ball to climb and check the bookshelves etc! /facepalm


Okay I caught up lol Day 1-16 right here 

Day 1 - 05:04   Day 2 - 08:45   Day 3 - 17:05
Day 4 - 23:20   Day 5 - 29:24   Day 6 - 35:35
Day 7 - 43:28    Day 8 - 54:51   Day 9 - 1:05:40
Day 10 - 1:13:16  Day 11- 1:21:31   Day 12 - 1:26:18
Day 13 - 1:28:05   Day 14 - 1:31:34   Day 15 - 1:39:07
Day 16 - 1:46:05

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Liquid Swords, GZA and RZA, greatest rap album of a generation. 


Day 16 Finished. The game keeps weird, but at the same time was cool playing.


Down in the Dungeon

Game 16

Down in the dungeon is another game that puts in the past of what it would have looked liked in the 90’s. There’s a lot of text to read and a couple of things to do. It seems like this game and the other game have the skull guy from the hps1 art. It seemed the like kid had so many things, like the best things that you could have gotten back in those days and the shelves were stacked to the brim with them. Kinda felt like it wasn’t that relatable to me but it was nice. There’s a lot of functionality like switching the tv channels, the computer games, and the vinyls even though they were just images and really small sound clips. The option to turn on the lights was nice too.

I’m not sure what that crawl space is for and I thought something scary would happen because it kept opening. The snow appears inside the laundry room for some reason. I think the walking is a bit too slow. Didn’t like the political thing on the wall.

I thought a lot of effort went into the game and it was alright.


I assure you this is 100% accurate to my childhood basement. The game’s theme is a recreation of my 90s nostalgia which is mixed in with my parents’ 70s nostalgia. A Betamax player in 1995 is not the best of things but I was a spoiled kid I will admit. 

I do apologize for everyone salty over Bob Dole’s loss in 1996. Truly our nation’s greatest tragedy. 


Down in the Dungeon. Definitely creepy vibes, cool little basement to explore. Did I miss anything though? 

There’s a key to the door hidden somewhere in the map. You can also mess with the tv using the remote. I’m glad all the “basement noises” got to you :D you were looking around at the ceiling at all the appropriate times. 


Sweet! Doing a compilation video for Christmas, will replay and hopefully find it!


The Madvent Calendar continues to satiate my desire for for the weird. I’m particularly curious about the inspiration behind Paralysis Penguin. Clearly one of the strangest games in the collection for me, but these were an absolute joy!


Six-street serenade

Game 15

This is a find the hidden objects around the map kind of game which aren’t necessarily hidden.

The first things you see when in the game are really nice. There’s snow but there’s also a gust of wind/snow and there’s some kind of tall Christmas tree in the far background. It was really nice. I then saw a fire person asking for help and I didn’t know what to do. I then saw a fireball and touched it. I started to explore afterward and there really isn’t anywhere to go.

What was kind of scary was when I turned around and saw a snowman cause before I went down the road, I didn’t see it there and instantly knew that it was probably following me once it was out of my cameras view, which is a thing that some horror games do. Still scary though.

After finding all the things, you get a nice little unique animation that seems to have been animated on less frames and it looked great. The art for the model is great too. You also get a nice card with nice music. It was all really nice. I believe the car from sauna2000 was in the level as well which could have possibly been there for decoration and maybe an Easter egg as well.

Good little game. I like it.

Also, I didn’t think it was happening and I thought it was just there as another sound file when you are in the menu but I feel like it it is clear now that the girl talking in the background has degraded as I hadn’t heard her in her normal voice for some days now. I don’t know if it will keep degrading, though. Kind of reminds me of some album some girl showed me and we listened to that was made by the caretaker.


Day 15 Finished. Good game with a good concept.


Ski-Street Serenade is definitely my favorite game so far in the collection! The concept is amazing. Just wish we could mess with the snowman more :P

How many times can I say the word "weird" in one series of videos? Apparently I can say it a lot and I love it! 


Played games 5-8 in this video and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I feel like this collection is such a wonderful idea and look forward to playing through all the weird, interesting games it has to offer!


Day 14 Finished. The game, although keeping weird every day, this time it gained some points for referencing to N64 games. Who knows we can have a "Haunted N64" too... It would be coolest as Haunted PS1.



Game 14

I loved the first part of this game. There was a lot to look at and the you can use the rc car which was a nice touch. I wonder what purpose going into the closet is for? I like the dust coming in from the window even though they are huge. I like the whole 90’s feel to it.

I was a little confused when you try to interact with the drawers and the character says that they shouldn’t open drawers cause it’s none of their business. Like why? Isn’t it their room? The games dialogue signifies that it is. Or maybe it’s a sleepover and the other friend went to the washroom and the two friends sleep together in that small bed? Highly unlikely, it’s the kids room. The dialogue was maybe written by different people or the writer forgot what they were writing.

This game kinda felt like a hidden object game at some point. I would say that the worst part was when the light came and things became really hard to look at and I wanted it to end. The question marks bothered me as well. I was really hoping to have been abducted and brought onto a ship. I’ve been really wanting an alien game and was thinking of making one myself. Also, the mouse cursor was always in the middle of the screen and that kind of bothered me too. I used a controller cause the game said it would be best played with it but the cursor was still there.

Overall, I’d only play this game for the first part. Feels like a glimpse into an old era.




This game was neat. The van felt like Twisted Metal sort of. I don't quite understand what went on though.

This collection is a shining light in the shitty year, thank y'all so much! SMS was amazing!!


These next two games are both really short, but I feel like one does it a lot better.

Eyes and Ears

Sorry to say, but I didn't like this one very much. It didn't fit the bill of a fun game, and it didn't fit the haunting scene aspect either for me. I was interested in looking around this place, and saw that it was Myst-like. I thought there would be some interactable things, maybe just a short puzzle. 

But, it seems all there is is to just look at all the animations in this house, with no real clue as to what's going on. The house was interesting, I want to know more about all these things going on, and what does. 

I went on to the creators twitter and found the Cornish Litany image that the scene is based on, and I thought that was cool! What a cool place for inspiration, and look at all the things that are going on! But all the game does is let us look at different angles of the scene, and not interact with it at all. Then we walk outside and die. I replayed the game multiple times, but there doesn't seem to be more than that.

It feels like there was more planned and it just didn't get finished. Also, one other gripe, those huge arrows are really annoying. If all I can do is explore the scene then it's annoying to have like have my view taken up by these giant flashing arrows. They could have been made a lot smaller and still do their job.

Please let me know if there's more to the game that I have missed.

You have reached the end.

This one was really short too, but fit the haunting scene aspect perfectly.

I like the digital, grainy VHS look of the game, hell it almost feels like a real recording just because of that. Walking to the end, expecting to find an outside, when all there is just nothing, and then turning around to find that the entire hallway has turned into nothing, that was really cool. And then the loud noise getting louder and louder, till I guess we die? I liked all of it.

This game reminded me of something I do. In my room, if it's a rainy or overcast day, I will sometimes open my curtains, and look out the window at such an angle that all I can see is the white sky, and imagine has if my room existed in some blank void. This is what this hallway feels like.

Hell, I could see the potential for metaphors here too. The light at the end of the tunnel, this is the end of my life, and no, I can't go back and do it again. It's gone, and I can barely see back there anymore.

I think this one did a better job than Eyes and Ears because everything seemed purposeful, it set out for a specific experience and did it. I can see the experience that this game wanted me to have, Eyes and Ears seems more confused and unsure.


You have reached the end

Game 13

There’s nothing that I have to say about his game but disappointed.

I did however play RIP again and actually got further than last time which is pretty cool. But in the 3rd level, I got stuck. I tried multiple times to try and do stuff in level 3 but I ended up giving up. The main reason why is because when I get to level 3, there is not enough time for me to explore and then he sneezes and I get thrown back to level 1. Don’t plan on playing it again.

Day 13 Finished: And so I thought that Day 12 was weird...

day 13 : WHAT ?!?


It's a good game


Three more games in and I'm enjoying the collection so far. Things are getting surreal and mildly existential, just as the holidays should be.

And who doesn't love marbles?!

not claimable.....


The project can be added to your Itch library by rating and I believe by downloading, but itch does not support "claiming" projects. Moreover, this project will remain free rather than just staying free for a limited time, so there's no need to "claim" it.


Eyes & Ears

Game 12

So the main gameplay of this game is like dragons lair without anything actually happening and it's very myst-like, where you walk from screen to screen but this this is in 3d.

There are a some animations and lightning in the background that lights up the level randomly. The being outside the window just turns it’s static pose towards you when you look at the fairy glass. There's some kind of small being by the door rocking their legs I think. What I’m trying to say is that there is a little bit of animations and stuff in this game but it feels like an unfinished project. It’s so short, you can beat it in 10 secs and see everything that it has to offer.


Day 12 Finished. And The Madvent Calendar goes weirder every game I play...


Madvent Calendar is the perfect name for this collection. SMS has to be a recent favorite for me. So brief, and yet, so effective. I’ve always had a lot of respect for the Haunted PS1 community, and this collection is a great example why. Some of these ideas are proving to be scarier and more memorable than bigger-budget horror titles. 


This has to be one of the weirdest indie collabs I've played but I'm really into it :)


day 11 : Very Lovecraftesque, but as the others said I wish we could see the ending a little longer. Othewise, very nice.


I absolutely love this take for the holidays lol only 1 day in and I'm freaked out and enjoying it! Can't wait to play the other days! 


What Lies Within the Ice

Game 11

A really short walking simulator. It’s kind of an interesting game. What I really like most about this game is the visual effects. From the snow falling, the dithering, and the graphics, to how the light at the end of tunnel went further away. Really cool but really short.


Day 11 Concluded. In my opinion, the game had a good exploration, but a weak ending. That's cool playing in VR mode.

wait you could play it in VR?

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Correction: That's cool if have a VR mode. I don't know if is possible to play by using the Trinus VR, but it's cool if we could play like that, since that many games of this compilation seems to be better player with this tech.

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