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Here is the first year playlist no commentary 

Full Playlist -


why cant i play the 24th it wont let me


I really like this its a lot more neater then most horror games that you would find on steam it opens a new tab with the game or "gift" you clicked and it is like a spooky ver of a christmas calendar but with indie games and i like the download page it looks like a lota work was put into it not as much work as the games but still if you want some spooky scary games to hype you up for christmas THEN GET THIS GAME!

love it thank you so much 


still a cool game


Included a trojan. Wacatac.H!ml

Scanned it and found nothing


when i got to the top i farded in excitement


Too much blurry

why is says this ( Forbidden)



Made a video


Various games

The Madvent Calendar has come and gone, and I think it’s a brilliant idea that should make a return every year. I’m a big fan of the idea of keeping titles locked until their day arrives. It was also a lot of fun seeing developer talents come together and experience their unique visions through their eyes.

That said, as much as I love the idea, I wish more of the entries contained more substance. There were a few real standouts; excellent ideas and execution that stand well on their own. But there were also entries included in this collection that appeared to be very low-effort. At times the experience was over before I realized what I was playing. 

Overall, I think everyone did a magnificent job in bringing this project together. I hope to see it again next year. And, as always, thank you for allowing us to experience your creations. 


While there are some cool titles in this collection, I’d do it all over just to play Formation again for the first time. I think Formation is a sterling example of a game that offers plenty of spook, exploration, mystery and suspense-building through storytelling. Fantastic! 


Streamed the last few days and it was a good mix of weird and spook adventure. No clue how to beat Slumber though.

Overall, this was a great collab with a lot of quality works in it, and I hope the devs involved feel good about what they've done. Also, I liked the surprise ending/credits.

day 22 is absolutely gorgeous. creepy story, not too long, ton too cryptic, perfect !

day 23 is a beautiful voidscape to wander

24 : still haven't beaten it ! :D


This made my Christmas. Thank you for the wonderful calendar!

P.S.: Not having controller support for Day 22 is disappointing, since it feels like a Nintendo 64 game. Perhaps you can implement it for those who haven't played yet (I would definitely play it again)!


Thanks so much for the community. Can't wait to play more of these types of games in the future! 

Here's a full playlist of all playthroughs + bonus videos and a Day 25 Recap video. Thanks for the hours of fun!


Finally able to hop on and give these games a go, will probably stream the rest though!


Played some more of these weird and wonderful games. I love how absolutely crazy some of these can get.


Finally Got around to playing this, much wow with the PSX and art gallery style game play. I'll eventually finish this game, one day, but here is the games I have played thus far


I didn't make it to the end in time for Christmas, but I still had fun with the ones I did today. Much 90s nostalgia.

I will likely finish the rest in a stream on Sunday.

Recap/Replay of some of the games I struggled with or stuff I missed! Enjoy and Merry Christmas! 🎄


I believe in Him

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Final Day (24) Finished. The game as all has closed in a already waited way: A returning to home, to family. Haunted PS1 Guys, this is one more amazing project that you've made here. Congrats! We eagerly hope for the next big anthology. Thank you guys for make a good work, and Happy Holidays to you all.


 Thank you to all the devs and the whole Haunted PSX community for all the love they put into their work. Merry Christmas" - MHG

All 24 days with individual videos (No Commentary) Full Playthrough -Madvent Playlist



DAY 16 - 24 starts @ 1:49:28

Madvent Calendar Ending @ 3:23:26


Absolutely splendid, I hope y'all continue this for next year.


What a ghoulish gift for the Holidays from my new favourite group! Merry Christmas!


I really enjoyed playing all 24 of these super spooky games. Thank you to everyone involved!


The final 4 games! We made it...but at what cost?


this Collection of games is so rad, I dont put them all in the video because then I'd just have an hour long video but i highly recommend this to anyone that has a pc to play this!


nearing the end! here's days 19-21, and y'all... they're all amazing... but Day 21, Formation, can GET IT. SO GOOD!!


Day 23 FInished. Weird, very Weird...


‘Down in the Dungeon’ is the real deal! Takes me back to my childhood of when fun places that we make our forts can turn against us. Where watching a horror movie over the weekend makes the imagination run wild.


Was there something to this that I missed? I tried exploring the whole map I believe. Cool stuff though, just wish there was more of an explanation.

It's a funny idea. I have tried only a game number 22 and it was cool.


Day 22 Finished. Okay, This game right here is a definitive proof that we need a Haunted Jam only for N64 styled games. It's like a corrupted version of Zelda: you know that aesthetic and style are there, but with a twisted horror flavor. A good candidate to being a full game, depending of the creator, of course.


D'ya miss me?

I participated in the Godot Wild Jam (my submission is here if you'd like to see it

Doing that and along with my job, haven't had time to play. But now I am free, so here we go! This post is gonna do 14 - 18, and I'll follow up with 19 - 22


I liked this one and Down in the Dungeon for it's nostalgic, being a kid in the 90s and exploring a room vibe. I always enjoy seeing what characters, or what developers, want to say about interactable things in a room. When I design descriptions for objects, its always fun creating those, and I have just as much fun reading what has been created.

Not too sure what the point of the Future Reality is, but it's a cool little sequence nonetheless.

Something definitely felt off with that whatever friend we are visiting isn't here right now, and that the clock was stuck at 6am.

The ending part was really weird. At first I thought we were nuked, (he said something about some event being nuked after it was over). But then it was super glitchy. It was frigthening but I don't know what to think of it. I enjoyed the exploring part a lot more.

Two gripes I have. One, and this is just a glitch, was that on my first time playing, something got messed up and wherever the interact cursor was NOT at the center of the screen, but the indicator still was. The cursor was way off to the right, so I'd look at the skateboard, only to have the character say "Oh look, my skully head" or whatever.

Two: You really should be able to skip dialog. And the dialog shouldn't be up there for that long anyways, that's way too much time to read it.

Ski-street serenade

This game creeped me out! This dark, spooky snowy village with no one in it besides this blue flame person, who keeps switching languages, I liked it! I wish that the paths I couldn't go down were actually blocked off, rather than just an invisible wall.

The part that got me the most, was when I first grabbed the blue fire, I noticed the snow man, and I thought "I didn't see that before? I probably just missed it", and I went on my merry way to turn in the blue fire. While watching the new dialog, my camera turns around to the snowman who has suddenly appeared behind me, and all is silent, and the graphics glitch out and I die. That terrified me! And once I noticed that he only moves when you aren't looking, finding the pieces while trying to not break line of sight was terrifying!!!

I liked the jolly ending at the end too. Merry Christmas!

Down in the Dungeon

As I said before, I really like the exploring a glimpse of an old, nostalgic era a lot, and I always like seeing what characters or developers have to say about things.

I resonated with this one a lot more, because I find old technology fascinating and loved seeing stuff about the RCA controller and the Beta vs VHS. This one made me feel more like a kid because it reminded me of my own childhood. 

As a kid I didn't really go over to friends house (I do now, not lonely anymore lol), and I didn't play the PS1 or skate, so I didn't connect with any of that imagery. But I did spend a lot of time with my parents, and watch things on the VCR and play on my old computer (Age of Empires 2 all day long bb). And those drawers just full of wires and cables for the computer, and my dad being a nerd. I just got so nostalgic, which is what I thought helped with the haunting aspect at the end.

I really liked the ending, because instead of there being a real "horror" that comes to get me, its like the fear is just a kids mind being over imaginative, and me expecting to get scared, was nervous in anticipation when the door opened. And then it was just the dog! Awww, and the crawlspace opens, but I see there's nothing in there. I really liked this entry.

The People's Tree

This was so sweet and nice. It felt like a midway celebration for all the hardwork the devs had put in, and it filled me warm fuzzy feelings seeing all the Merry Christmases from people so far away. I left a message thanking you all for giving me a wonderful experience. Merry Christmas, and thank you for making The People's Tree

Far From Home

I enjoyed this melancholic and slow horror piece. First of all, the environment we are exploring is extremely harsh and brutalist, it makes me wonder where we even are? It's like we are exploring between the walls of a building, but it's so huge. Are we tiny people? Or have we found something huge?

I didn't mind the slow movement, it really added to the sense of how far this guy had to travel, without getting tedious and making it too difficult for the player. Like I could imagine having to climb and maneuver my way around this architecture.

The logs slowly built up my hope that whoever this guy was made it out alive, and I think it's really clever that you don't see the dead body right away. The opening looks like a sky with a rope, so I thought they got out! But no wait...that's just snow, and then you look down and oh...there goes all my hope.

I liked this one, I am enjoying the slow and retrospective pieces in here.


I really want to see full “The snow of Basidia” game. 




could not agree more with what you said.


Indeed. Not only a full version, but also a Haunted Jam only with N64 styled games.


Almost to the end and I have to say that this collection is probably driving me to insanity but I'm loving every minute of it! 

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