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Fellas, I must know. How did you achieve these Ps1-like graphics!?


You NEEEEEED to get this published by Limited Run! I can't believe I'm reading "we don't have the time or resources to organise the can of worms that is monetization and physical production. We would need some sort of publisher to handle the money split and production if we were to sell a physical copy" -- this is a no-brainer. PLEASE

I really like this style  , sadly if i Start heartworm from the launcher the launcher didnt close by there self , ingame ( heartworm ) you can hear the launcher background music :S maybe there will be a bugfix?

The audio in the launcher should automatically mute when you are active on a different window. Were you tabbed into the Heartworm window?

direct from the launcher it doesnt mute  :S

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TBH, I'm seeing coverage of this demo disk EVERYWHERE! If you guys went to some kind of publisher and pitched this, showing them the numbers I bet you could get some kind of monthly subscription thing going shipping physical discs. I would definitely subscribe if it existed

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same !


What an awesome collection of demos! Looking forward to future demo disks you guys put together.


Cool idea making a "Demo Disk" of a  bunch of indie games.


Downloading this I was expecting a loose .zip of games. The front end of this is amazing and the games suck you in!


I love the idea, it has solid content, definitely brought back memories of old CDROMs full of demos from late 90s-early 2000s. Played Dead Heat, Sauna2000, Snowy Castle, Filthbreed and In Somnia so far, and they're all good in their own way. I'm also surprised that some of them are more complicated and feel like actual demos of work-in-progress. Great job, can't wait for the full release ;)

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Hi! i want to ask you how did you make that demo graphics? that main menu looks so good that seems ripped off from a 90's demo.

Also great job, i've been enjoy the demo so far. i really hope that you guys do more demos (maybe with other themes instead horror, like sports, action, etc...)

I think this is a good idea to promote indie games, even if they aren't ps1 horror aesthethic related. Imagine a monthly demo disc with some indie demos. it would be amazing.

Keep it up!!!


Glad you enjoyed it! The menu was put together in unity using pre-rendered 3D animations/objects that were constructed in Blender.

-Bryce B


whoever made the game with the pistol and the enemies have shotguns and halberds if ur reading this u can get out of bounds in the second level and then fall down a hole you can't get out of i thought id find a secret down there but i just got stuck and couldn't reset the level


I love tasty ramen so much fun!!!


Can you play using a controller!?

The controller compatibility varies from game to game.


I adore this project! I grew up playing PS1 UK demo discs and I've always dreamed of making something with that aesthetic. More than happy to have been beaten to the punch! All these games rule. 


Wow this looks amazing, this is the kind of stuff i'd want to see more of! Silly question, is it possible to play these games with a PS classic controller? (Assuming these games are playable with controllers, i haven't played any yet!)

The controller compatibility of each game varies, as they were all developed separately.


I played Sauna2000 over on my channel and I had a lot of fun playing it! Trying to get all of the endings and can't wait to play more of the games on the disc!


Yooo... this games are amazing. "Geat Job" to the devs. 


Thank you to everyone involved in this project! I had a fun time trying out your games.


Very nostalgic of old demo disc I used to get with magazines, great idea to bundle all these awesome games together!

There's some really weird games on here too and I love it.


So i started Playing some of this games, and Good Job guys, you brought me back at the days where after playing horror games on Ps1 i struggled for sleeping.


Played a few of the games, I love the concept of a haunted demo disc. Playing through the games gave me flashbacks to playing through PS1 demo discs as a kid. Thanks to the organizers and the devs for putting this together. <3


Haven't had time to give this a go yet but just from the look of it I'm excited and really impressed. You've really nailed the PS1 era aesthetic! Will re-comment in the future once I've given them a play. P.S. I really, really like this idea, it's like a mix-tape but for indie gaming.


bad game


Oh? I'm one of the organisers so I would love to hear what issues you have with it. Not much help to just say something's bad without explaining yourself.


This looks dope!


Erasure, FILTHBREED and In Somnio are NOT demos. Whoever disliked my previous comment should know better.


I mean is there really an issue with this? Do you not want to have more free indie horror to play? I was one of the main organisers of this project, and we put a lot of time and effort into curating this collection. We talked about not allowing full releases but the thing is this is a project to raise awareness of developers in the Haunted PS1 community and some developers simply didn't have anything that would work as a demo but we wanted to support their work, they felt like these were good options to submit and our curation pannel felt like the games were deserving of being included.


You could have simply explained that to me, you didn't have to dislike my comment!


Just because I responded doesn't mean I was the one who disliked your comment.

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I have yet to play most of the games on the Demo Disc, but for now I did play In Somnio and Sauna 2000 (Which I had issues recording multiple times) In Somnio really had some interesting and haunting vibes to it.   

More Videos on the Demo Disc:

I'm having a problem with the launcher where after the Haunted PS1 logo, it just moves to a black screen and I can see nothing. Is there any way to troubleshoot?


Could you give your system specs we'd love to sort out whatever's happening here?


It somehow started working again after I booted the PC today. I don't even know if it was something I did (I tried to reinstall the game, run system updates, reinstall the graphics drivers, mess around with the screen configuration) or if the computer was just being temperamental. Thanks for the support anyway, it was probably the PC being shitty.


You saved my day


Really liking this sort of concept as it brings more attention to these games in a very nostalgic way!

The games in this collection look really promising and polished too for what they are trying to achieve.




isso mesmo



Some of these games are complete full versions, not demos or betas... 


No Iketsuki? Really? 


It has Neko Yume, which is from the same developer.


NIIIIIIICE! Been waiting for this, thank you so much for all the hard work!


Glad I signed up for the release reminder, shared in my Facebook gaming group and I look forward to diving in sometime soon! Thanks so much! 😎👍🍻Rob aka MaximumRD (Youtube) 


Whooaa this rules


This is the most awesome "fake" commercial I've ever seen since Strafe. I would totally buy this physical.


Brooo, never seen such great PS1 style horror games!

Keep it up!

I made a short gameplay video of two games and I hope you like it!

I gotta know, is this actually playable on a PSX? Or is it just stylized as PSX titles?


Hey we just added a disclaimer to the page addressing this and a few other common questions.

Thanks for the reply! 

I figured that was the case (was totally willing to burn it to a disk and play on my PSX if that was possible, though). I look forward to trying them out!



the ghost of tony hawk...... rip in peace, prince


skate me daddy

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