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Damn, this PS1 is haunted as heck.


This was a really neat experience. While a handful of the games had really bad bugs in their experiences, most of them were enjoyable. For those who play this game, I most strongly recommend Erasure, Until Biglight, and Sauna 2000. Overall, 6.8/10.


These demo anthology games remind me very much of the V/H/S horror movie anthologies. As long as you keep making them I'll keep playing them. Very awesome. 

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I recently finished editing the final episode of my friend and I's playthrough of DemoDisc 2020, truly a great phenomenon that was presented in such a cool way. If you enjoyed this experience or are one of the devs, we'd be glad if you watched any of it!

Filthbreed was one of the best out of this demo, along with Ode to a moon, Such a great experience! 

Tengo un problema y es que no puedo descargar el archivo no importa cuantas veces lo intente


Can`t download it, no prompt appears, no pop-up blocker activated... weird~

In the killer bees demo, when i got back to the menu, the mouse disapears, , ¿you can solve it, please?

hey, started this up because I enjoyed demo 21 (bugs aside) and the first game i chose (tasty ramen) has no dialogue boxes or main menu, i press E and i just get a picture of a doorway.

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I got stuck on the movie file game in the motel room, and I think it's bugged. I interacted with everything until I got to the point with the bathtub and the knock on the door. After that I went around the whole room trying to interact with things, couldn't find anything and interacting with the peephole only stopped advancing the game after the first look. Was completely stuck and unable to progress.

 got this error, but folder looks fine, and rar file tests out without errors. Any suggestions?

yo, i would post this to the 2021 disc, since you're attempting to launch a game from the 2021 launcher. It may be something that only occurs on the 2021 disc

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- Can I invert the Y-Axis in the museum? SOLVED: I used Steam Big picture mode to invert the y-axis manually)

-Is there supposed to be music playing? (Its in the credits but I dont hear it) SOLVED: It plays in the museum rooms

- can I enter a password on the computer using a XB1 controller (virtual keyboard?)

Nice game

Such a Great Game i Love The Aesthetics

Can I play those gems on a Raspberri Pi4 with Recalbox?

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no, at least not immediately. Try asking the devs for a linux executable.


Such a fun set of games! Didn't get through all of them, but played a good portion and had a great time. Thank you!


The demo disc menu itself is already AMAZING! It's so immersive, and it really feels like you're on an actual PS1!

I played Tasty Ramen and Killer Bees, and had a absolute blast


did two videos on some of the games here it is if you want to check it out 

all of them are good and worth checking out some of them are not very scary at all but are cool for there own reasons this is a great pack of games and I'm surprised at the ps1 feel every game really feels like a ps1 game its great truly one of the best games on itchio right now

Played Filthbreed on it's own, and I loved it. Unfortunately, I can't comment on the games page, so I'll comment here: 

Here's a video of my playthrough. Feel free to watch!


I know I'm hella late but with the shitshow year we've been having I'm only just editing footage from February . Whoops. 

I decided to start with Neko Yume and I intend to play my way through all the demos included to celebrate the spooky season 👻 [I recorded some new ones last night I swear]
I'd like to share all the videos here so I'll likely reply to this initial post rather than clogging up all the comments. Hope that's chill with everyone!
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Killer Bees wasn't exactly what I expected it to be BUT it was a good time and somehow still managed to jump scare me because I constantly have the heebie jeebies.


The third game is Tasty Ramen! How can a game be so cute and so tense!? I loved it!


For part 4 it's A Place, Forbidden and a lot of bad voice acting (from me)! 


Parto Fiveo is Sauna 2000 which legit tricked and betrayed me. Super happy to find out that it is being developed into a full game!


Still playing! Part 6 is Orange County which continued to hit me with the low poly creepies! Some of the games don't actually work at all for me but I'll keep playing through the ones that do and I look forward to the 2021 edition!


how do I change my profile pic so it's not a frog?


offer your soul to satan

whats the meaning of this numbers?


im scared to play this but tasty ramen was a great cute game kind creepy but purrfect.


great for ppl new to horror games


Lo Mejor Que He Visto en mi vida... Que talentosa gente la que creo todos y cada uno de estos proyectos , Cuanto trabajo duro y esfuerzo dedicado ! son proyectos muy hermosos Sigan Así!!! 

Had a chance to play through all of these - love that you made this awesome collection! Thank you again!


put this on retroachievements


make a collection for game boy games

Played it and it was amazing loved all the games in the disk and all the graphics were nice and if you are having a problem with a file missing you need to save it or that worked for me.


Huge fan. It's a shame big companies dont take a page out of the books of developers like these. Open worlds and fancy graphics clearly aren't everything. I look forward to seeing the 2021 version!


RU review

I've downloaded this game a few times and everytime I have tried to start it up it doesn't take me to the main menu, it just plays the music and there's nothig but a black screen. I'm not sure if this issue is caused by my computer but if someone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you so much for putting this together! I've been playing through them on my channel and it's been a blast so far, here's the first part!


Not Going To Lie It Looks Awesome, But I Feel Like Siren Head Should Have Made It Into This Game, But Overall It Looks Like Something That Could Have Made It On The PS1.   

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I really, really hope someone makes a collection of upcoming 3D platformers and stylizes it just like this. That would be so great.

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Thank you for this awesome collection!
It should be great adding scanlines/crt filter for a perfect 90's trip.

I hope you'll make a new demo collection!

Keep it up! :)


A friend of mine is trying to play these, but the visuals are 3 times as blurry. According to them , everything looks like "blobs" and muddy. (Possibly because of the vintage filters)

Any ideas why this is happening to them??, I had no graphical glitches such as this. They have a 4k set-up and modern hardware.


I love the work you have placed in each and any one of these short yet amazing "haunted" video games, all good wishes to you and the team behind this magnificent project in these hard times. Love you and hope to see more in the future. 


I reviewed all of the games. I enjoyed them very much! Thanks for making this!


Really creative, fun to play, original. These aren't just filler, almost all of these are actual games that should be released soon.

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