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Lo Mejor Que He Visto en mi vida... Que talentosa gente la que creo todos y cada uno de estos proyectos , Cuanto trabajo duro y esfuerzo dedicado ! son proyectos muy hermosos Sigan Así!!! 

Had a chance to play through all of these - love that you made this awesome collection! Thank you again!

put this on retroachievements

make a collection for game boy games

Played it and it was amazing loved all the games in the disk and all the graphics were nice and if you are having a problem with a file missing you need to save it or that worked for me.


This game was flagged as malware by malwarebytes


Huge fan. It's a shame big companies dont take a page out of the books of developers like these. Open worlds and fancy graphics clearly aren't everything. I look forward to seeing the 2021 version!


RU review

I've downloaded this game a few times and everytime I have tried to start it up it doesn't take me to the main menu, it just plays the music and there's nothig but a black screen. I'm not sure if this issue is caused by my computer but if someone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you so much for putting this together! I've been playing through them on my channel and it's been a blast so far, here's the first part!


Not Going To Lie It Looks Awesome, But I Feel Like Siren Head Should Have Made It Into This Game, But Overall It Looks Like Something That Could Have Made It On The PS1.   


I don't think they give a shit about what your favorite youtubers are currently screaming about.


I really, really hope someone makes a collection of upcoming 3D platformers and stylizes it just like this. That would be so great.

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Thank you for this awesome collection!
It should be great adding scanlines/crt filter for a perfect 90's trip.

I hope you'll make a new demo collection!

Keep it up! :)

A friend of mine is trying to play these, but the visuals are 3 times as blurry. According to them , everything looks like "blobs" and muddy. (Possibly because of the vintage filters)

Any ideas why this is happening to them??, I had no graphical glitches such as this. They have a 4k set-up and modern hardware.


I love the work you have placed in each and any one of these short yet amazing "haunted" video games, all good wishes to you and the team behind this magnificent project in these hard times. Love you and hope to see more in the future. 


I reviewed all of the games. I enjoyed them very much! Thanks for making this!


Really creative, fun to play, original. These aren't just filler, almost all of these are actual games that should be released soon.

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The game opened like 7 times the Ouroboros. You know what it is,  and on only one screen there was the menu with start etc. probably because I clicked on play several times lol

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I tried downloading the game and playing it but it says the Unityplayer.dll was not found, even though it's included in the folder. Maybe you guys could reupload the build? I wonder how we could fix this. Thanks!


Something hilarious to watch while you're stuck at home


If this game runs into wine(Windows emulator) of linux operating system, I'll record something. But first I shall congratulations about that work, this one seemingly awesome. And hard to choose and compile many good 90's scenes and atmosphere in one game only. Well, I'm downloading right now, if it runs emulated properly, I return back here and drop post about my impressions and explore a bit this 90's thriller scenario. I wish for you conquest much more successful becoming a indie classic like others passed out by here. Have a good journey for you entrepreuneurship and never forget to do news about updates if need would be . We'll be lurking at this masterpiece intend over. I wish for you worthy success. I shall come back with a video demo if I could. <3


Here are my playthroughs of each game from the Haunted PS1 Demo Disk (I havent found the secret game yet sadly).

I enjoyed these a lot, I hope you'll do one of these next year as well.

Every time I launch the game it crashes. Does anybody have any tips to fix this?

Hi there! I love this game and it's style, and i was wondering if I could do some texture or title screen artwork for the demo games. Greatest salutations, -Superevan6

downloading the press kit erases the games...

Neko Yume is on hell of a- well game i guess.

Its an experience! 

Hey, nice demo disk, sadly that isn't physical...

I'm also making Sega Genesis Haunted Demo Cart!

You won't find another game like this!

Fatum Betula was a very unique game! Looking forward to the full thing!

Downloading now, this sounds like an amazing idea and concept!

Will you be holding a regular ganejam for more haunted ps1disks? Because that would be awesome!!

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After playing 5 out of the 17 games (as of writing) 

and having playtested Effigy before, I can safely say that this has been a good time sink and would recommend it to anyone looking to get their horror fix. Here's part one of my video series.




I still have all the old disks too. There are tons of them!

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What a great collection! You should definitely try this for yourself, but if you're curious what it looks like recorded on VHS, I've got you covered (spoiler: it looks great).


VERY DOPE collection of games so far. I've played 2 games so far. I was stuck in Fatum Batula, but filth breed was SCARY!!! 

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Hey guys, if you speak spanish and want to listen to a discussion podcast about Effigy, watch our video: 


I played the Ramen game! It was a lot of fun as it was a very creative game. You can see my reaction here! 

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Next year -- and I hope there is one next year! -- I'd like the games to all have controller support, so that I can play with a real ps1 controller.

As for other operating system support... perhaps just test to make sure the games run under WINE? Unity games usually do...


This is a really cool idea and I'm glad you made this. I checked out Ode to the Moon which you can see here and I definitely plan on playing the other games. Great game and I'm looking forward to what the other games are like! Thank you!

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