A downloadable game for Windows

It's becoming too powerful...

Lost in an ocean of dark isolation, her voice beckons to you once more.
The comforting black ink dissolves, and you bathe in the blinding glow of unnatural lights. 

Your sight returns, and you are drifting in the bay of bustling city.
Many towers scrape the sky, but one pierces right through it.
The glass ball atop its point resonates with the same energy that religious symbol held.

In New Spook City a sickness shall spread. 

Collect 24 dreams before they're all dead.

The years keep coming and they don't stop coming.
Madvent returns with even more games to keep you up for the Holidays.

"...it's just weird enough to become a Christmas tradition." CBR 

"...a shooter? A fishing game? ... open yourself up to whatever comes and let the fear wash over you." Indie Game +

Organized by Vladimere Lhore.
Launcher by colter
itch.io CSS by iwilliams.

Countless game, art, and music contributions by many talented members of The Haunted PS1 Community!
(play Day 25 for the full credits!)

If you download the Madvent Calendar through the itch.io app, you'll automatically get any future updates or bug fixes. If you experience any problems with the download from this page, check to see if a new version has been released!
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(87 total ratings)
AuthorThe Haunted PS1
TagsAtmospheric, Christmas, Creepy, Dark, Horror, Indie, Low-poly, PSX (PlayStation), Retro, weird


madvent3-win.zip 1 GB
Version 29 Dec 29, 2022


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Here is a full no commentary playlist for Madvent Year 3 (2022)



Simply amazing, amazing work from everyone!!


To everyone who contributed towards making these games a reality; thank you so much!  I adore them and they brought me so much joy playing them!  You're wonderful for putting out such nice, free things for us!




w e i r d






he got that ass tbh


so trve



some of the games are okay but most of the games are fire!!!!


I hope she get her body back soon, if it’s not already done.


i hope more story about nail head overall this game is very good
(1 edit) (+1)(-18)

I dont think any of the Madvents have been good lmao. There was some good stuff but having the last 4 days be png slideshows was too much for me


your mother enjoyed them, simple as.

Alright well I done did everyday, and I reckon I had a great time. Thanks ya'll, really love these compilations. Keep it up partners.

Your pal,



Reckon I like me that there physics in the Box Game. Simple as. Also got dang ol trapped in the fridge.


Figures there's a showstopper with that fridge. Sorry about that.

No problem, partner. I really enjoyed the game, keep it up!

I did a bit of a marathon to catch up to Day 25 so it is a bit long... but all of the games were great in their own ways!

Hey! I included two of the games from the collection in my latest Christmas Horror Games video! Cheers!

Amazing Collection of games here will be playing more soon!

LMAO  XD I can see why there are 30 games in total for this year's madvent calendar. Just played Day 25 - Merry Crisis and (spoilers?) I frickin love the storyline that is happening here with Bitey, Gifty, and the whole city and how the main hub of the game itself actually auto-updates to show what's going on. Now, the rest of the games up until Day 30 are available to play in order to see how the in-game storyline concludes for this year's madvent calendar.

Oh, and Merry Christmas to everyone!

Christmas Eve's game is a real treat, full of polish and good ideas.

Day#22/23, super dope mall game followed by nightmare fuel ->


To the people that worked on "A Mall Near You', amazing work! The game was fantastic, the dialog and characters were hilarious and enjoyable, and the ending was great! 10/10

Day#21, getting swole with steroids ->

lookin good partner



lmao i love me that there Swole. Game in a game, and lifting while doing drugs, yeeeehaaaw

are they all christmas games

Days 17, 18, and 19! We are coming to the end!



Made a video for Calm the Wolf and Happy New Fear


Day 18 - Peace On Earth had me really intrigued with the plot/story of the game itself. (Trying not to give any spoilers here) What happened to Amara? What kind of circumstances are the characters even talking about? What happened to planet Earth? And what is the severity that this situation poses on the setting of the game?

I mean, it's not like much crucial information is given when the player interacts with other characters, which leaves so many questions unanswered, but still leaves the game up to (maybe?) interpretation or so.

If there's even a true answer as to what is going in this game, I'd be highly interested in knowing and I would really appreciate as well.


Hiya, I'm the dev for Peace On Earth! Glad to hear you were intrigued by the plot! This game actually serves as an Easter Egg of sorts for another HPS1 game that has not been released yet. Originally it was planned to be released before Madvent, but the deadline came and went, so it's being held off for now.  Keep an eye out for another HPS1 release (hopefully) early 2023 for further context on this short story!


Dude, that's great to hear that you're making a continuation of the story about what's going on in Peace on Earth. Really left me in shock and confusion as to what I even witnessed in game itself.  Can't wait for the next (installment?) HPS1 game when all the pieces are in place and the anticipation for the story of Peace on Earth doesn't leave me hanging when early 2023 arrives. Also, nice job on the execution/cliffhanger vibes (maybe?) that Peace on Earth gave off overall. Really sets the tone of the setting/plot of the game as a whole.


Thanks for the great feedback! The upcoming game is another collaboration effort, so I only wrote and created one segment of the game myself. Peace On Earth serves as a kind of "side story" to the events happening within the upcoming game's narrative, with a few direct references sprinkled through the dialogue. Not everything in Peace on Earth is relevant however! I hope you get the chance to check out the new game when it eventually releases, I think you'll like it!


I thought that reference was more like a dev, hey I worked on this, not shared universe. Cool to know what is going on down on earth. Though, spoilers, I don't think I'd call it peace.


See, that's the kind of vibe I got from Peace on Earth when the ending cutscene rolled around. (Spoilers, probably) looking at the color of the Earth itself and how the main character just kind of had a lack of enthusiasm in saying "Merry Christmas... everyone..." makes it seem like there's some sort of hellish scenario going on in this game entirely. Nice take on the horror aspect of indie games. 

Anyways, kudos to you OctalOtter on this submission and kudos to you Vladimere for organizing this entire project as well. This is a one of a kind type of Christmas gift for the whole itch.io community :)


Oh, I bet I will, since I am a fanatic about low-poly/PSX games. Looking forward to your contributions and games in early 2023 then! :)


Peace on earth was very charming yall, yeehawww

Day 15 made me question my reality and... wow.

Day 16 is an awesome social experiment!

This is pretty cool. Did the first 3 games for a video, may not do the whole 30 days thing seeing it's the middle of the month now. Overall, what a neat collection.

Made a video for Jennifer's Nonsensical Christmas Adventure

Day 12 is a game Sans would be proud of!

Day 13 is a creepy look into Santa's Workshop!

Day 14 is a goofy game about the Yuletide fun... and dangers of making enemies of entities!


A lot of people try to do quirky cutesy internet weirdness and fail, yuletown did it exceptionally right. I bet this one would run on real PSX hardware pretty well if it were ported with one of the modern dev sets.

Dang ol love the movement in todays game, thanks partner!


Game 24 Truss was hands down the best one


dude what the heck you're only supposed to play one game a day


I'm gonna slam out so many by the end of Christmas Day

New video with more games


Hello here is Day 14 :3

Much love! Likes and comments and subsbibes as usual please uwu!


Day 11 made me feel like Van Helsing! Great Stuff!


Made a video with Dream Loser and Truss

Deleted 350 days ago

Yeah, that kinda confused me as well, but I thought part of the dialogue said to collect all of the gifts around town from every character on day 1 and the go back to your house and rest and then start to give everyone their proper gifts for day 2. You don't give each character their gifts when you collect all the gifts on the first day, which is why the "talk" option doesn't work after the player has the items each character wants in this case for day 1 because it was probably intentionally designed like that.

Day#13, Moya Horror short game ->


Um. Day 10 made me feel like I was on LSD or something...

Done like me that there spooky walkin. Simple as.

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