A downloadable game for Windows

A Haunting New Tradition...

Amidst a sea of dark isolation you've come to call home, her voice beckons. The void melts away, and you drown in moonlight. 

Your eyes adjust, and you find yourself drifting closer towards a small village nestled in the mountains. Houses dot their way up to a peak, a queer religious symbol its climax.

There she prays.
24 Dreams, 24 Days.

Another year passes, and Madvent returns with another 24 games to keep you up until Christmas.
It's 2Madvent 2Calendar

"...it's just weird enough to become a Christmas tradition." CBR

Organized by Vladimere Lhore.
Launcher by colter
itch.io CSS by iwilliams.

Countless game, art, and music contributions by many talented members of The Haunted PS1 Community! (play the game for the full credits!)

If you download the Madvent Calendar through the itch.io app, you'll automatically get any future updates or bug fixes. If you experience any problems with the download from this page, check to see if a new version has been released!


madvent2021-windows.zip 1 GB
Version 17 Dec 07, 2021


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Here is the 2021 no commentary playlist 

Full Playlist - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLANFpp3d1ebFwe4gh735dq7UZD6cxvpIw

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Can someone please tell me if there's an end to Shadow of the Elders? I've been playing this game for hours upon days.


Christmas Day 2021, I woke up excited to see what gifts I may find underneath my Christmas tree however, all I got was a small package no bigger than a CD case wrapped in old sunbleached Christmas paper. To my surprise after opening it up, I found it was a PS1 game. It took me a year to find a PS1 to play it, but here's my experience:


This game just gets weirder and weirder, not only are the games strange but now things in the real world are. I sometimes hear a faint whisper coming from either the PlayStation or the game.... calling my name... almost like the game is haunted.

I need to play it. The whispers are becoming more clear, almost like it's speaking to me. I can barely sleep. When I do manage to get a few hours of sleep, it's the same dream of me running to the top of the mountain, a figure in black following me from a distance... I can't make out a face, but he almost looks skeletal but purple...


I'm sorry, that thing at the top of the mountain... it was the one who was calling me. It needed me and I needed it. Now it hungers for more, it- no! WE need you to climb to the top of the mountain and become part of us! You already have the disc. Just put it in...


just dropping in to say love the little liveblog style comment. definitely encouraged me to check it out lol!

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Here is the 2021 no commentary playlist 

Full Playlist - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLANFpp3d1ebFwe4gh735dq7UZD6cxvpIw


omgg my tortillas are burned but the game was good

... 24 Träume, 24 Tage ....

Das Spiel ist sehr urig. Die Soundkulisse und die Animationen sind atmosphärisch gestaltet und stimmen trotz oder gerade wegen ihres morbiden Touchs perfekt auf die Festtagszeit ein. Einige Türchen wollten leider nicht so ganz, die anderen waren dafür aber umso besser. Family und Extremely Cool Downhill Skiing with Josko haben mir am besten gefallen! Eine bunte, verstörende Mischung für alle Horrorfans!

Is game 18 possible to beat? Do you have to learn the best order to get upgrades and then just speedrun the whole thing or am I missing something?


I used cheats to get enough ego to unlock everything. There is no ending behind the locked door. The only thing you find there is a telephone. If you interact with it, you get a text message saying "the map is not in this area" or something like that. I searched all the levels for whatever this map is supposed to be, never found anything.

Either I missed something and there is an ending nobody has ever seen, or this is just unfinished. Dev is anonymous so we can't ask them.

Yeah makes sense for a jam game with a short deadline to not be hours long. Thanks for the info :)

Thanks to everyone involved!  Such a great compilation of games, can't wait for next years!

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What a year man this was great waited to share until all were uploaded here a playlist if anyone's interested. Each game has it's own chapter if you wanted to see a specific one. Hope you enjoy took awhile to do!  :D  



Cool. Neat games. I made some them. Here it goes Odysee (my platform) link



I had a blast with the first 15! Can't wait to play the rest.


I finished the rest of the game for Christmas. Truly an amazing project. shoutout to everyone that was included and helped out in this. Heres my last Madvent video if anyone is interested:


Hey! I included two of the games in your collection in this year's Christmas Horror Games video of mine! The part with the two games starts around 3:50! Hope you enjoy the video if you decide to check it out! Cheers!


Wow , ended with a seriously beautiful looking game on Day 24! The playlist is complete on the channel , Merry Christmas Everyone!

Full Play No Commentary 


Week three down, three games remain. I gotta say...some of these really take the cake in weird and confusing stuff. Was nice seeing the People's Tree and the familiar 90s kid room again though. Cozy times!

Good job, devs.

Is Where's Home? in entry 17 meant to be unlocked, there is a "Launch Stage 2" button but it does nothing.


I have the same issue but I've checked on today. It was supposed to be unlocked on 25. I think I missed it.


I checked on the 25th, still like that.


According to the game's page, it opens on the 25th, but in 2022. A self contained sequel, I guess?

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I had some covid complications and stage two was not shippable by the 25th. I will make it live in the launcher and post an announcement when it's ready. There's one other game (at least day 8) in madvent 21 that will get major updates in the next couple weeks. 

16-20 is now done. This game is so good and if you are reading this and have not tried it out yet... go try it out!!! Here is my video is anyone is interested:

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day 18 is untited and not done!

Day 24 finished. I don't know if the game ends like this on purpose or if it was a problem, but other than that, nice game, you can explore the entire place behind the presents, it's very wide. Congratulations on your game.

This really gave me some FRIV vibes 24 games in one? wow i always liked those type of sites when i was a kid,hope next year you guys put even more games :)


Played all 24 games, most of them are really cool. The one I liked the most was POSSUM, sadly it was too short (like most of the games), but it was a good experience, very interesting. I can't wait for Madvent Calendar 2022.


Day 23 finished. An interesting game, but it's very difficult to find the artifacts in the midst of the visual pollution it offers, in my opinion.


Day 22 has just dropped and this game is something special. I had to play it multiple times because it was just WILD. Very proud of this one! 

Subscribe to my channel because it's CHRISTMAS and you haven't gotten me a present yet.

Man this game just keeps getting more and more fun. Just got done with 11-15 and this just keeps getting better and better. Here is my video for anyone that is interested:

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Day 22 FInished. There are more Endings?




Day#21 (Mother Christmas ) -

Just finished games 6-10. This is super fun. Im definitely going to play madvent every year from now on because this is just straight up fun lol. Here is my gameplay of games 6-10 if anyone is interested: 

Day 21 Finished. Very interesting...

I've been playing through this year's Madvent after loving last years. I started late because I had covid along with my family this year but everyone is better! I admit, some games have me stumped or are difficult for me but I tried to give each one a fair share. I made a playlist of the games with 10 more to be added up until Christmas day. I'll add extra videos to it on 2nd playthroughs or finds. This year I didn't do any commentary since my voice wasn't the greatest from being sick. Check it some vids out if you want, and thanks to all that contributed to this! Look forward to next years!!!

omg the first five games were super fun. I'm going to play all of them but I have to do 5 games at a time so that I get the to all of them before Christmas. Here is my gameplay of the first five games if you are interested:

PLayed night one, was too intense for me 


Day 20 Finished. I don't know if it's feature of the game or it's not finished yet, but the game apparently ends up in playtime while we kill monsters. Anyway, the story is interesting. Congratulations on your game.


Thanks! It is a feature, sort of, and it's also not finished. We had time to create this demo which completes after 100 kills.


Day 20 was cool. Liked the Dread Templar-ish aesthetic. Wasn't patient enough to read through the pages that tell the story of the game, so can't say anything for the story. The description in the launcher is all I know. Whatever, it's a cool game.

Day 19 Finished. Good inspirations from Space Harrier and, what a surprise, it's a sequel of the "Down in the Dungeon" game. Cool!

DAY#19 game - unfinished but I enjoyed it nonetheless ->

The social tree thing is cool :) - 

I don't think it's possible to finish Game 18. :(

I tried my best and then got out the cheat engine for more Ego, but even after opening the door all it tells me is that "the map is not in the area", so whatever that was about left me stumped. 

Day 18 finished. The game is very interesting, the problem, in my opinion, is that it takes a lot of work to unlock the other terminals, since after the 30 minute time is up, everything you unlocked goes back to square one. But the idea proposed in the game is experimental and very unusual, which is very interesting. Congratulations to the guy who produced this game here.


On the second week of Weirdsmas, the collab gave to me...a bunch of weird stuff to enjoy. Familiar grannies, rabid elves, brown stars, confusion, and a possum with a sick mommy.

Fine work, all involved.

Sorry for the rage, but couldt really figure this one out

Day 16 doesn't seem to work

Make sure you have the most up to date version.

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gotcha thanks, but why was the previous game not working?

I Love Toys by MapleSerum

Unfortunately the original Dev had a severe mental health dip which was made worse by missing the launch deadline.

It was agreed it would be better for them to take care of themselves then push to possibly complete their game before their day.

And in turn, I whipped up what's currently day 16 in a couple days as a replacement.  


oh god, well I hope they get better. It sucks to have such problems, especially close to Christmas.

I appreciate all the work you and the others devs have put into these PS1 Collections.

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