A downloadable Virtual Show Floor for Windows and macOS


After they demolished the mall, the old dirt patch on the edge of town stayed untended for coming up on two years. Until tonight.

On the way back from a late-night walk you passed by the familiar vacant spot - only to find that it was vacant no longer. A cubic monolith of glass and steel, stretching heavenward, stood where that morning there had been nothing. From within - bright lights, electric sounds, bitcrushed music. And the very faint echo of shrieks and moans.

It's late already. Looks like you'll be coming home a little later still...

Check out EEK3 Here



Developed by:
Bryce Bucher
Lovely Hellplace

Jazz Mickle

Additional Art:
Modus Interactive

"Skyride" Created by Nikke Kuki


EEK3 Virtual Show Floor (Windows) 148 MB
EEK3 Virtual Show Floor (Mac) 149 MB

Development log


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A good way of ending this year: With a crossover of many characters from some games that I've played. like Alisa for example. It's an amazing work. Congrats to everyone involved in this.

Pour les Francophones !

This was fun! im suprised you guys made it into a little game!!! Even the Manager from Night of The Consumers was there! it was a treat to play through and thanks for putting your time and effort into this.

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I swear I saw Elizabeth of the Woods from Lilith Zone's Crypt Worlds on the showfloor but I can't find any game to which the model would be directly attached. Skelly, do you know something about the lovely piss simulator that I don't :-O

can you add this close to the arcade to metaware

This was fucking amazing
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It was really cool to see some familiar faces here! This has the feel of a real convention. I loved the scavenger hunt style objective as well. Looking forward to EEK3 2021! Hopefully I'll have played more of the games involved with that one than I did this year ๐Ÿ˜‚

Yes, I explored the EEK3 Virtual Show Floor in 240p!

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Fish Vtuber went to the EEK3 virtual show floor!

I enjoyed looking around many games.

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EEK! Haha sorry! :D Nostalgic & Heart-warming references to this year's incredible game devs. + TASTY RAMEN?!

YOUTUBE: Maya, The Bubble E1
(Laugh and react in memory of an amazing dev year with me!)

I enjoyed this! I hope EEK3 will be yearly thing!


I had to play this as it showcased a few indie horror games I already played. This was awesome to play and to see. nice idea and nicely put together. You can check out my time at Eek3 

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Took some time to check out every last trailer while making wild assumptions about each. I had only heard of a few of the games beforehand, so most of my guesses were hilariously wrong. But it was still a great time! Big props to everyone who put this together!




Amazing game dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 



Is this made with unity?


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I would love to record myself playing this for a YouTube video!

Plus, i love playing PlayStation-1 Styled games!

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You're welcome ๐Ÿ˜Š

If you're trying to talk to me then please go do so on Twitter or something else. I'm never on here.

Sure, i'll follow you on twitter

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never said anything about following me, just saying that i don't talk via comments.


This was wonderful! I love how there was more to do than just walk around. Thanks so much for this!


there's references to like every indie horror game from the past year in here lol. also this is actually a brief game it turns out and not just a fancy trailer showcase.


you guys have done a wonderful job. Thank you for putting all this together for the community


there was even more to this than i expected. really great!!


thank you all so much, this is incredible


The best convention you can attend to